When Dreams Become Reality: Glass Recycling Comes to New Orleans

Apr 12, 2013

A lot of New Orleanians will tell you that the glass is half empty when it comes to glass recycling in this city. The question that drives everyone to drink is always ‘when is glass recycling coming?!’

The answer is always that it’s either too expensive to haul, too costly, a liability issue, or too cheap to manufacture to make it work… Until now.

There’s a new local startup called Nolaware that wants you to drink up and then bring them all of your clean and unbroken beer, liquor and wine bottles. Why? So that they can give them a new life as glassware and candles.

Drop offs can be made at 7701 Cohn Street in the Carrollton neighborhood and, if you own a restaurant or bar, they’ll even schedule a pickup to grab your glass. The folks at Nolaware like to say they’re recycling New Orleans one bottle at a time.

So, the glass is half full! For more information visit Nolaware's Facebook page.