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The News Roundup — International

Feb 14, 2020

On Thursday, reported cases of the novel coronavirus soared to nearly 50,000, including an estimated 1,300 deaths.

The News Roundup — Domestic

Feb 14, 2020

Four federal prosecutors withdrew from the Roger Stone case after the Justice Department undercut their sentencing recommendation for the long-time friend of the President. One resigned from the Department completely.

More than half of babies born in the U.K.

Funded And Affordable: Should Public Transit Be Free?

Feb 13, 2020

In 2019, about 53,000 people in New York were issued court summonses for fare evasion. A year later, the city announced that transit police would crack down on those who didn’t swipe their fare card to get into the subway.

On Tuesday, senior Justice Department officials reduced a recommended sentence in the case of Roger Stone, which abruptly caused four career prosecutors working on the case to withdraw from it.

Stone was convicted of “sabotag[ing] a congressional investigation that threatened his longtime friend President Trump.”

The Lost Secrets Of The Harlem Renaissance

Feb 12, 2020

New Hampshire Weighs In

Feb 12, 2020

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders emerged from last night’s Democratic primary in New Hampshire victorious, followed closely by rival Pete Buttigieg.

A split in the Democratic Party’s base is on full display this primary season.

Voters who back progressive candidates like Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders could push the party further left, alienating moderate Republicans who are looking for an alternative to President Trump in the general election.

Flying Close To The Sun (On Purpose)

Feb 11, 2020

The sun’s getting a lot of press lately.

And it’s about to get some more. On Monday, the European Space Agency and NASA launched the two-ton Solar Orbiter toward the sun. This Space Orbiter’s mission is to seek a bird’s eye view of the sun’s north and south poles.

What have you learned from your past relationships? That’s one of the central questions of Nick Hornby’s 1995 novel, “High Fidelity,” the story of a record shop owner named Rob who contacts his “top five” exes following a break-up.