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In the 1920s, when George Gershwin completed the musical components of a new song, he'd pass the music along to his brother, Ira, for the lyrics. One particular song, though, was giving Ira fits. The rhymes he'd come up with didn't suit the music. Ira eventually decided on a prose approach, with interior rhymes that matched the bounce of the song more closely. That song , "I Got Rhythm" -- in a slower version -- became part of a musical called "Treasure Girl". The song was then adapted for 1930's "Girl Crazy" in the faster version known today.

We've been previewing some terrific new recordings for our Classical 104.9 FM music library. Some of these new CDs feature familiar material; some explore brand-new musical landscapes.

Conductor Kent Nagano leads the Montreal Symphony in a survey of American composer John Adams' iconic music from the 1980s. The violinist Rachel Barton Pine explores concertos by Khachaturian and Dvorak. And, the American composer Michael Torke presents a CD of brand-new instrumental concertos.

These are just a few of the new recordings we've added to our library in November. You'll be hearing these performances on the air this month!

Thursday, July 4th marks America's 243rd birthday! And, to honor the Fourth of July, Classical 104.9 FM will be presenting American and patriotic favorites all day for you.

Our local host James Arey has stirring sounds by John Williams, Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Aaron Copland, Jennifer Higdon, Michael Torke, John Philip Sousa and Leonard Bernstein on "Classical New Orleans" from 9am to 1pm.

Howard Hanson was an American composer, educator, conductor, author, orchestrator, band leader and arts advocate. Outside his hometown of Wahoo, Nebraska, there's a faded billboard. Five notable people -- claims the billboard -- hailed from Wahoo. Hanson's name is included as one of the five.

In 1930, he completed his Second Symphony, subtitled the "Romantic" Symphony. Hanson presented this symphony numerous times in concert; he also acted as conductor for two commerical recordings -- one in the 1930s, one in the 1950s.

American composer John Williams began arranging and scoring music for film and television in the late 1950s. In a career spanning sixty years, Williams has composed iconic themes for Superman, Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T., the Olympics, NBC News, the Star Wars films, and the Harry Potter films.

The cello has long been regarded as the orchestral instrument with a sound that most closely resembles the range and timbre of the human voice.

In the first part of the 18th century, composer J. S. Bach created a series of six suites for the solo cello. The suites were, essentially, collections of French dances -- gavottes, gigues, allemandes and courantes. 300 years later, these Bach suites remain a pinnacle of cello music, and a true challenge for any cellist.

Friday morning at 9:00, Classical 104.9 FM will feature a full hour of music that salutes the cello. You'll hear Yo-Yo Ma play one of the Bach suites; Hee-Young Lim plays Darius Milhaud; Daniel Müller-Schott plays Francis Poulenc; and Jacqueline du Pre plays a Haydn concerto in a classic 1967 recording.

All good things must -- eventually -- come to an end. Our new, limited, five-week series "Modern Classics" concludes on Friday evening, March 29th, at 6:00pm on Classical 104.9 FM.

You'll hear performances by the cellists of Northwestern University, by Anne Akiko Meyers, and by the Steve Reich Ensemble.

And, to begin the program, highlights from a pair of brand-new American violin concertos -- both written for, and played by, soloist James Ehnes!

The acclaimed pianist, composer, arranger and conductor André Previn passed away on February 28th. He would've been 90 in just a few weeks.

On this week's episode of "Modern Classics", we'll hear Augustin Hadelich and Joyce Yang play Previn's 2003 composition "Tango, Song and Dance".

Also on the program -- Joan Tower's "Petroushkates" and a pair of concert pieces by John Williams.

It is said that St. Patrick's Day may be the most widely celebrated national festival. Commemorating the Feast Day of St. Patrick, March 17th is honored as a national holiday in Ireland, Northern Ireland, and several Canadian provinces.

Classical 104.9 FM & WWNO HD-2 -- Friday: 6:00pm -- March 15th

Our new five-week series "Modern Classics" continues on Friday evening with an episode dedicated to the music of contemporary American composer Jennifer Higdon.

Recipient of the Pulitzer Prize -- and, several Grammy awards -- Higdon has been a sought-after composer for the past 20 years. She's written for the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Chicago Symphony, harpist Yolanda Kondonassis, and violinist Hilary Hahn.