Classical New Orleans

Weekdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Join hosts James Arey and Jack Hopke weekdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on: Classical 104.9 FM and WWNO HD-2.

Our live, local hosts provide good sounds from the Classical 104.9 music library to keep you company.

You'll hear local content and features to keep your day moving along. We'll also provide New Orleans concert information, invite special guests into the studio, and give away tickets for local events!

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Classical 104.9 FM and local host James Arey have created Modern Classics -- a new, five-week series dedicated to contemporary music.

With a focus on new music from living composers, Modern Classics will air at 6pm on each of the five Fridays in March, beginning on March 1st.

Even though the parades are already rolling, we still have more than a week to go until Fat Tuesday arrives on March 5th.

Are there classical selections to suit the need for Mardi Gras music? Absolutely!

To keep your ears happy, and your toes tapping, here are some upbeat Carnival-themed pieces of classical music:

Classical New Orleans will head to Scotland on Wednesday morning with a full hour of Scottish reels, airs, folk tunes AND the Max Bruch "Scottish Fantasy".

You'll hear performances by Rachel Barton-Pine, the Cambridge Singers, the Quadriga Consort, Alan Feinberg, and James Ehnes.

Join us from 9am-10am, Wednesday, February 6thon: Classical 104.9 FM & WWNO HD-2.

New Orleans Public Radio officially launched our 24-hour classical music station on January 27, 2017. We are thrilled to now be celebrating TWO YEARS of service to our community.

To all of our local underwriters, businesses, supporters, listeners and MEMBERS... thank you!

January 27 is also Mozart's birthday -- and, we don't want to leave him out of the party. Join our local host James Arey during Friday's "Classical New Orleans" for a Mozart-filled morning of music! 

Now that 2019 is here, Classical 104.9 FM is busy adding new releases and new recordings into the music library for this new year!

On Wednesday morning, January 16th, starting at 9:00am, "Classical New Orleans" host James Arey will present a full hour of new recordings just added to the library.

Thanks to the generosity of our listeners during our Spring Memberfest and Give NOLA Day, we've recently been able to add some new and vintage recordings to our Classical 104.9 FM music library.

While some performances are from 2017 and 2018, we've also found some classic recordings from decades past -- they're all a welcome addition to our growing music library.

James Arey will highlight a full hour of these new recordings on Friday morning, June 1, at 9:00am on Classical New Orleans.

Here at Classical 104.9 FM, we really enjoy being able to broadcast the newest releases from the current generations of classical music superstars... But, as our music library continues to grow, we’re often discovering CDs that were released over the past few years that we missed out on obtaining the first time around.

Classical 104.9 turns ONE this weekend!

Yes, January 27th marks the official First Birthday for Classical 104.9 here in New Orleans.

As the city of New Orleans gets ready to welcome another Carnival season, Classical 104.9 FM has some parade-themed pieces perfect for your "krewe".

Listen FRIDAY, January 5th at 9am for a full hour of music to get you ready for the parades! 

Along with our live-hosted music, we've created a Spotify playlist, full of carnival pieces and New Orleans favorites.

The wait is finally over... a brand-new season of live, Saturday afternoon radio broadcasts from The Metropolitan Opera begins at Noon on Saturday, December 2nd. A complete performance of Verdi's sweeping "Requiem" begins this new season, with favorites including Mozart's "The Magic Flute" and Lehar's "The Merry Widow" airing in December.