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The Nation's report card shows more Louisiana students are performing at proficient, but that the state still trails the rest of the country.
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The Louisiana Department of Education has just released a report on how quickly students are improving academically from year to year. It shows that, like last year, less than half of students are on track to master important math, reading and writing skills.

Reporter Jessica Williams of Times-Picayune|The New Orleans Advocate traces the entire school career of a recent graduate who struggled to count a handful of change.
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New Orleans’ public schools have undergone a lot of change over the last 15 years. But while test scores and graduation rates are up, many New Orleans schools have fallen short when it comes to special education. 

John F. Kennedy High School students attend graduation in 2012.
John F. Kennedy High School / New Beginning Schools Foundation

The board of New Orleans charter school group New Beginnings Schools Foundation has voted to surrender both of their remaining charters after a grade-fixing scandal at New Beginning’s John F. Kennedy High School. 

Orleans Parish officials say this is the fourth year of stagnant or declining test scores.
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Orleans Parish school officials are bemoaning yet another drop in the district's standardized test scores. When you look across all grade levels and subjects in Orleans Parish, just 27 percent of students tested at grade level in 2019.

New Orleans plans to enforce a summer curfew on children in response to recent crimes.
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The New Orleans Police Department will start enforcing the city-wide summer curfew on children in response to recent increases in car break-ins and thefts, and the recent shooting death of a woman in Mid-City, allegedly at the hands of a 17-year-old. The curfew begins Monday, June 3.

At a vigil, students lay flowers on the ground near where educator Reginald Field was gunned down.
Jess Clark / WWNO - New Orleans Public Radio

Students, colleagues, friends and family gathered Wednesday afternoon to remember New Orleans educator Reginald Field. Field was 50 years old when he was shot and killed on Saturday, May 25 - one of 17 people police say were shot over a violent Memorial Day weekend. Students remember Field as being strict, but caring.

Educator and social worker Lisa Maria Rhodes started ALAS to help get her students out of jail.
Courtesy of ALAS

Each year thousands of New Orleans students end up having some kind of involvement with the court system - whether immigration court, or criminal court. And that makes focusing on school tough, especially when students are held in jail or detained while they're waiting for their court date. Social worker and educator Lisa Maria Rhodes created an organization called ALAS to help court-involved students. She sat down with WWNO's Jess Clark to talk about how teachers can play a role in getting students released from jail.

Troubled New Orleans Voucher School Loses Federal Funding After WWNO-Joint Investigation

May 21, 2019
Employees of McMillian's First Steps Preschool protested the loss of federal funds on Friday, May 17.
Fox 8 News, WVUE

A joint investigation between WWNO, Fox 8 News, WVUE and | The Times-Picayune on the state’s school voucher program found evidence one New Orleans school may have been cheating on state tests. Now the school says federal funds are being pulled from its pre-K program. 

A photo from a 2017 LDEQ report showing an unsecured asbestos containment area at Lafayette Academy Charter School.
Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality

The Orleans Parish School Board and New Orleans charter group, Choice Foundation, have filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit over two botched asbestos removal jobs at Lafayette Academy Charter School. They allege negligence by contractors and the state's Recovery School District.



Q: Remind us what happened at Lafayette Academy.


Orleans Parish officials say this is the fourth year of stagnant or declining test scores.
DCJOHN / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

An Orleans Parish judge issued an order Monday morning blocking administrators at Sophie B. Wright Charter School from banning students from their graduation ceremony. But the order came too late for students to attend.