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A Super Bowl commercial from Google caused a stir this week, with many viewers claiming it moved them to tears while others were left creeped out.

The ad depicted an elderly widower asking Google Voice Assistant to help him remember his late wife, Loretta.

Darryl Brackeen Jr. (@dbrackeen), a precinct captain who worked on behalf of the Joe Biden campaign at Monday night’s Iowa caucuses, describes how complicated it was to report results.

The state Democratic Party says a technical glitch with a smartphone app led to a delay in declaring who won the caucuses.


Neoconservative thinker Bill Kristol has been highly critical of President Trump for years, even while many on the right who were once disapproving came to support the president.

In the waning days of the president’s Senate impeachment trial, he tweeted over the weekend his support for Democrats.

He says the tweet was meant to be time-sensitive to 2020 and “somewhat jokey,” but also to serve as a warning to Republicans that it’d be “foolish” not to rethink some conservative orthodoxies.

New Hampshire Public Radio reporter Josh Rogers (@joshrogersNHPR) joins Here & Now‘s Tonya Mosley to discuss what lies ahead in New Hampshire for the presidential candidates, one week away from voting there.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping declared “a people’s war of prevention” against the coronavirus epidemic on Tuesday following the death of at least 427 people.

In addition to the medical response, public health officials are also urging people to stop misinformation about the contagion from going viral online.