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The Listening Post is a community media project that aims to start a conversation about local news in New Orleans. Every week on our radio segment we talk about issues ranging from healthcare to WhoDat, tattoos to transportation.

Listeners can both contribute thoughts and commentary about important issues in their neighborhoods, and also receive important local news and information.

How does it work?

There are two ways to participate in the Listening Post project.

1. We have a Listening Post recording device at Norman Mayer Library in Gentilly where you can answer our questions of the week. Questions solicit opinions about jobs, housing, health care, safety, development and other essential topics. We listen to the recorded answers every week, and share some of the best answers on the radio.

2. We have created a text messaging service that also seeks to connect with local voices by asking questions and sharing information on a weekly basis. Every week we send out a text message survey about a local news issue, and then share the results on the radio. If you would like to participate in our surveys and receive important local news bulletins, text the word "hello" to the Listening Post phone number: (504) 303-4348.

News and information is an essential resource, just like food, housing, and water. The Listening Post is a project that seeks to meet people in person, in their own neighborhoods, and invite them to both consume and contribute information about important issues happening in New Orleans. Our goal is to listen to people and help them get informed about things that matter most in the city.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

The men of Community Legion and the Big Bosse's Dad's Club
Thomas M Walsh / WWNO

Here’s an easy question: name something in Louisiana that’s sure to bring everyone together and make them happy.

“Crawfish!” says a group of children.

New Orleans is making 300 this year, so we've been thinking about our city's past, present, and future. We asked:

1)    If you could get in a time machine, what moment in time would you go back to see? Why?

2)    If you could travel ahead in the future, what would you hope to see in New Orleans? Why?

We got far more great responses than could fit in the show.  Here are some of our favorites or you can check out a more comprehensive list here.

A poster in offices of the NOPD's 1st District Headquaters.
Thomas Walsh / The Listening Post

A member of the New Orleans community recently told us about a time she tried to be a good samaritan and wound up arrested by NOPD. This inspired The Listening Post to look at community policing in New Orleans. We asked:

1) What strategies do you think community policing should include?

2) If you could sit down for coffee with the police, what would you ask?

3) What could the NOPD specifically do to imporve its relationship with your community?

Voters turn out on election day.
Danny Moloshok / Reuters

The next mayor of New Orleans will be decided in a runoff scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 18. This month The Listening Post wanted to know what New Orleanians need from their leaders. We asked: 

1) What do you want the next mayor to know about your life?

2) What are the most important issues in this election? 

3) What kind of leader does New Orleans need? Give specifics.

We also got to speak with Mayor Mitch Landrieu for this edition of The Listening Post. Here's an excerpt from our interview: 

Derrick Strong reads to children at the Gentilly Community Center of Hope.
Thomas Walsh / Thomas Walsh

The toll of America’s gun violence epidemic is usually measured in lives lost — more than 33,000 each year. Ignored, almost completely, are the many more people who survive a gun shot.