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Notes from New Orleans is a peek inside the life and culture of the Crescent City. The late Sharon Litwin, co-founder of, began “Notes from New Orleans,” and the legacy is carried on by Renee Peck (journalist), Kelley Crawford (journalist), Sarah Holtz (radio producer), and a team of journalists who cover all aspects of the unique and vibrant contributions of this creative society.

From established and emerging visual artists to the new breed of young entrepreneurs; from extraordinary musicians to world class performing artists; from Mardi Gras Indians to pop up restaurants — whether it’s going on Uptown, Downtown or Back of Town, their stories are sure to show up on Notes from New Orleans.

Listening To Locals: Dianella

Mar 15, 2019

NolaVie brings us another installment of the occasional music series, Listening to Locals. Dianella is the latest solo project of songwriter and violinist Danielle Ryce, who’s been playing in the local folk pop scene for several years now. David Benedetto sits down with Danielle to learn about the new project and her latest single, “Oh, Honey.”


New Orleans Youth Take Flight With The Golden Eagles

Mar 8, 2019
The Golden Eagles

It’s difficult to imagine a career in aviation if the price of an airline ticket is beyond one’s reach. But that’s the situation for many New Orleans families. Today, we’ll hear about a program that works to ensure that New Orleans kids get to experience life above the clouds. NolaVie’s Brian Friedman spoke with one of the pilots that steer the program, Col. Palmer Sullins, Jr., for a look at how they fulfill their mission. 

The French Quarter Madams

New Orleans has a new social aid and pleasure club. The French Quarter Madams is a women’s marching club that will take to the streets of the Vieux Carré for the first time on the Friday before Mardi Gras. But while these fun-loving local women are all about the usual Carnival revelry, they have a more unusual take on their handmade corsets and bustiers – they’re thinking green. NolaVie’s Renée Peck spoke with founders Vivian Cahn and Tonia Aiken to learn more.

NOLA Designer Costume Bazaar

In New Orleans, having a costume closet is pretty much the norm. It’s that kind of town. NolaVie’s Renée Peck invited costume artist and designer Cree McCree to WWNO to discuss how to build your personal costume collection. Not only is Cree an an expert on vintage clothing, but she also helps organize the annual NOLA Designer Costume Bazaar, a group show of Carnival costume artists that began 28 years ago.

Ingrid Victoria

Carnival season brings about an annual transformation to our city, and it also transforms the way people look. On Mardi Gras morning, step outside and you’ll find revelers in masks, headdresses, and otherworldly makeup. Artist Ingrid Victoria is best-known around town for transforming people’s eyelashes. She’s the founder of Chimera Lashes, and she joined NolaVie’s Kelley Crawford in the studio to talk about her eye-catching creations.

Culturalyst: A Startup For Local Artists

Feb 8, 2019
Infrogmation of New Orleans

Artists in New Orleans often face a unique challenge: living in a city that worships the arts but doesn’t always provide resources to support their quality of life. Culturalyst, a new start-up that focuses on bolstering the artist community, seeks to change that. Founders Mykia Smith and Sam Bowler joined NolaVie’s David Benedetto in the studio to introduce Culturalyst. 

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It’s always nice to celebrate the unexpected — for instance, athletes who are particularly unambitious. A new local group called NOLA Fray will be spotlighting unambitious athletes on February 9 with their 0.5K run. That’s right — a 0.5K beginning at Miel Brewery. NolaVie’s Kelley Crawford invites NOLA Fray City Commissioner Ilana Obuchowski into the studio for a preview.

The Library of Congress

It doesn’t take much to charm people when they first walk through the French Quarter. Lolly Pop Tour Shop, however, doesn’t fall back on just those charms. It aims to show a different side of New Orleans, with offbeat historical tours of the Central Business District. Historian Lolly Walsh joins NolaVie’s Kelley Crawford to describe how the path her tour company paves is different from all the rest. 


Circe Denyer

Every email, text message, or letter tells a story. But what about the stamps that we put on those letters? The Crescent City Stamp Club is drawing upon the city's storied past to show how stamps and other postal ephemera speak volumes about our culture. This weekend, stamp collectors, or philatelists, will descend on New Orleans for the NolaPEX Stamp and Postcard Show. Postal historian Doug Weisz joins NolaVie's Brian Friedman in the studio to give us a preview of the event.

Bulbancha Zine To Release Second Issue

Jan 11, 2019
David Benedetto

Self-published magazines, also called zines, continue to provide a way for writers and artists to share stories of activism and resistance. In collaboration with the POC Zine Project, Jeffery Darensbourg has started a zine series about indigenous culture from the city we now call New Orleans. Jeffery is a Tribal Councilperson and member of the Atakapa-Ishak Nation of Southwest Louisiana. He joins NolaVie’s David Benedetto in the studio to discuss his work and the zine, which is titled Bulbancha Is Still A Place.