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Notes from New Orleans is a peek inside the life and culture of the Crescent City. The late Sharon Litwin, co-founder of, began “Notes from New Orleans,” and the legacy is carried on by Renee Peck (journalist), Kelley Crawford (journalist), Sarah Holtz (radio producer), and a team of journalists who cover all aspects of the unique and vibrant contributions of this creative society.

From established and emerging visual artists to the new breed of young entrepreneurs; from extraordinary musicians to world class performing artists; from Mardi Gras Indians to pop up restaurants — whether it’s going on Uptown, Downtown or Back of Town, their stories are sure to show up on Notes from New Orleans.

Circe Denyer

Every email, text message, or letter tells a story. But what about the stamps that we put on those letters? The Crescent City Stamp Club is drawing upon the city's storied past to show how stamps and other postal ephemera speak volumes about our culture. This weekend, stamp collectors, or philatelists, will descend on New Orleans for the NolaPEX Stamp and Postcard Show. Postal historian Doug Weisz joins NolaVie's Brian Friedman in the studio to give us a preview of the event.

Bulbancha Zine To Release Second Issue

Jan 11, 2019
David Benedetto

Self-published magazines, also called zines, continue to provide a way for writers and artists to share stories of activism and resistance. In collaboration with the POC Zine Project, Jeffery Darensbourg has started a zine series about indigenous culture from the city we now call New Orleans. Jeffery is a Tribal Councilperson and member of the Atakapa-Ishak Nation of Southwest Louisiana. He joins NolaVie’s David Benedetto in the studio to discuss his work and the zine, which is titled Bulbancha Is Still A Place.

Infrogmation of New Orleans

The University of New Orleans is kicking off the new year with the return of its community lecture series —  Learning Before Lunch. These talks bring together scholars and culture bearers on the second Thursday of each month to discuss local history and contemporary issues. NolaVie’s David Benedetto invited Professor Emeritus Dennis McSeveney into the studio to hear more about the program.

Gary Stevens

Yakamein is one of those traditional New Orleans dishes with uncertain origins. Some say it was brought over by Chinese immigrants in the 1800s, while others point to the return of African American veterans after World War II or the Korean War. Either way, Ms. Linda Green reigns over the beef noodle soup tradition in New Orleans, earning her the title of The Yakamein Lady. NolaVie’s Brian Friedman invited Ms. Linda into the studio to learn more.


Stephen James

The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation is bringing back the great tradition of live radio drama on December 21 with their 10th annual production of It’s a Wonderful Life. Co-director and performer George Trahanis joins NolaVie’s Kelley Crawford at WWNO to give us a preview.

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Brandon Robert

New Orleans has a way of making any holiday its own, so it’s no surprise that our Christmas season has a singular kind of sparkle. NolaVie’s Renée Peck illuminates Christmas in the Crescent City in this special holiday edition of Notes from New Orleans. 

NOVA Chorale Warms Up For The Holiday Concert Season

Dec 7, 2018
Courtesy of NOVA Chorale

The month of December usually brings a selection of holiday choral concerts to New Orleans, and this year is no exception. The New Orleans Vocal Arts Chorale is getting ready to kick off their holiday season with a repertoire of winter music. NolaVie’s David Benedetto invited the choir’s Artistic Director, Dr. Meg Frazier, into the studio for a preview.

Listening To Locals: Edge Slayer

Nov 30, 2018
Courtesy of Edge Slayer


Edge Slayer is a New Orleans-based multimedia artist and music producer. Alongside an LGBTQ+ group of organizers, she helps to put on events that provide positive spaces for black trans women in the area. David Benedetto invited Edge into the studio to hear about her recent creative work in this installment of NolaVie's occasional series, Listening To Locals

Festival Preview: Nerdlesque At The CAC

Nov 16, 2018
NOLA Nerdlesque

Burlesque has a long, illustrious history in New Orleans, but this weekend, the performance art is getting a nerdy makeover. NOLA Nerdlesque, a two-day festival, is coming to the Contemporary Arts Center and the Allways Lounge. NolaVie’s Brian Friedman invites burlesque historian and performer Persé Fanny into the studio for an overview of the festival. 

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Picture this: there are teams of dancers, music pounding from the speakers, and on stage are two women about to arm wrestle it out. That is just part of the scene at NO LAW, or, New Orleans Ladies Arm Wrestling, which will be having its final brawl on Saturday at One Eyed Jacks. NolaVie’s Kelley Crawford invites organizers Rosamund Looney and Katie Hunter-Lowrey to WWNO for a preview of the event.