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Jess Clark / WWNO

On Friday, Governor John Bel Edwards signed a proclamation closing all public schools in the state for one month to help slow the spread of coronavirus in the state. Schools are scheduled to resume instruction April 13, unless state officials decide otherwise.


Starting Monday, schools will be closed all across the state, public gatherings will be limited, and city government operations will be restricted. Residential evictions have been suspended. Non-essential visitation is limited at hospitals, nursing homes, state prisons and parish jails. Jury trials are suspended.


All public schools in Louisiana will be closed starting Monday, March 16. Governor John Bel Edwards signed the proclamation Friday afternoon.

The decision comes as the nation scrambles to stop the spread of coronavirus. Conventions and festivals have been cancelled locally and nationally.


As of Friday afternoon, there are now 33 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Louisiana, and officials expect it to continue to spread. There’s been a run on toilet paper and food at grocery stores like Costco and Trader Joe’s as people prepare to quarantine. And it’s good to be prepared. But how dangerous is the virus, really?


As coronavirus spread around the world and the number of cases in New Orleans, Louisiana and the United States rises, there are a lot of pressing questions on our minds.

The situation is rapidly evolving, but for now, the guidance from health officials remains fairly steady, if sometimes vague. Even the experts still don't have all the answers.

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