The Work of Art

Fridays at 4:44 p.m.

This series of interviews profiles folks who fervently support the arts, frequently with minimal acknowledgment, as they contribute to the creative product.

Over the next cultural year we’ll wander through the backstages, the attics, the storage rooms and the shops and artists spaces to reveal the work of art - the people who contribute to a bigger creative vision. Karl Lengel’s life experience includes a substantial career in generating and delivering live performance. Behind every great work of art, he has witnessed countless legions of committed micro-artists who enrich detail in the creative effort. As the program host, he will seek out and give a voice to these devoted enablers. You might see their names roll past in the movie credits if you stay that long, or you might skim them in the tiny print at the back of the program. They are the people who help perfect the work of art.

Support for this series is provided by The Helis Foundation.

New Orleans Public Radio begins a new series today entitled “The Work of Art.” Support for this series is provided by the Helis Foundation.

A play, a concert and even a simple painting on the wall, all require the contributions of many people, some with very unique and individual perspectives on their “work of art.” How does an artist’s work get to its audience - who are the contributors, why do they prefer the shadows, and what makes art work?