Public Service Announcements

WWNO/KTLN PSA POLICY We here at WWNO/KTLN are happy to air public service announcements (PSAs), as time allows during our local broadcasts. The purpose of a PSA is to inform listeners in our area of upcoming events and activities. As a free community service of WWNO/KTLN, PSAs are a very effective means of promotion. Please be sure to read and follow our guidelines and policy carefully before submitting information for a PSA. All accepted, edited and re-written content will be added to or deleted from a flexible rotation of announcements made available on 89.9 WWNO and 90.5 KTLN-FM broadcasts, WWNO2 digicast, the WWNO internet audio stream, WWNO podcasts, WWNO audio-on-demand and/or on the WWNO website.

PSA content does not receive the same semi-specific rotation as underwriting sponsorships. For more information on the community benefits of underwriting WWNO programming see our Underwriting Information Page.

WWNO/KTLN welcomes PSAs for the following: 1. Concerts and other musical events related to WWNO/KTLN's program format (i.e., classical, jazz, some blues and roots);

2. Cultural, educational, environmental, civic, pet, weather recovery, and health-related events that, in our judgment, have an affinity with our community, audience, and the common good;

3. Fundraising events (to the extent of FCC regulations) which, in our judgment, have an affinity with our community, audience, education, and the common good.

WWNO will carefully consider, but may not accept, PSAs for the following: 1. Events that have narrow appeal to a small or specialized constituency (e.g., high school reunions, meetings of astrophysicists);

2. Political or advocacy events that have to do with a political party, advocacy group, candidacy, or issue. An exception may be made for a forum or debate at which all major candidates or all sides of an issue are represented;

3. Religious events, excluding concerts and other non-religious events at churches, synagogues, and other religious venues, or temporary relocation of services.

4. Routine or regular meetings of an organization.

Additional WWNO PSA Guidelines:

1. The organization sponsoring the event must be a bona fide 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. WWNO/KTLN may request confirmation of nonprofit status.

2. To offer your organization the best possible service, PSAs should be received at WWNO/KTLN a minimum two weeks prior to your event.

3. PSAs are limited to 20 seconds in length. As necessary, WWNO/KTLN staff will edit and re-write PSA content, in accordance with FCC and station regulations.

4. Please include: organization name; contact information; day, date, & time of event; location of event, and other information necessary.

5. WWNO/KTLN selects a wide variety of PSAs to read over a one-week period. We try to regularly schedule several PSA messages per announcer shift. Additional rotation of PSA announcements may be made at the discretion of the announcer on duty, depending on the time available.

6. Please be aware that we are unable to determine in advance how often, or when, your PSA will air. Because this is a free service, we are obligated to fulfill orders for paid underwriting announcements first. If you would like a guaranteed announcement during specified times, please see our Underwriting Information Page, and contact one of our Underwriting Representatives.

7. PSAs are primarily intended to promote local events; however, selected statewide, regional, national, and international activities may be the subject of PSAs.

8. PSAs should be for time-specific events as opposed to ongoing promotions. PSAs are generally kept in rotation for no more than two weeks.

9. WWNO/KTLN reserves the right to minimize the use of PSAs during WWNO membership drives, emergencies, and at any time when other obligations preclude the use of PSAs.

Your organization may contact our PSA Director by:
a) e-mail:
b) fax: 504-280-6061
c) mail:

PSA Director / WWNO/KTLN
University of New Orleans
2000 Lakeshore Drive
New Orleans, LA 70148

We’re sorry, but we cannot accept information by telephone; however, in the event of a genuine, community-wide emergency, we are able to take information over the phone. If you have any questions about this PSA policy, please contact WWNO/KTLN's General Manager or Program Director at 280-7000. Thank you for choosing WWNO to reach your constituency!