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Buying In Bulk? There's An App For That


With the cost of makin’ groceries steadily increasing every day, maybe it’s time for us to revisit buying in bulk.

I’m not suggesting that we all run out to the big box warehouse store for 20 dozen eggs and some snow tires, but rather hit up your local farmer’s markets, food co-ops and grocery stores for beans, rice, pastas, olive oil, maple syrup, honey, flours, soaps, nuts, granolas and even tofu. To find the best local selection, there’s a free app simply called Bulk.  

To save money, make sure to use reusable containers or bags and weigh them first before adding your products to get your tare weight. Make sure to record your tare for checking out.

It’s easy to get excited by all of the wonderful bulk items, but trust us, get just what you need. When you get home from your shopping trip, transfer your items to air tight containers, label and date them and rotate!

If you follow these tips, you’ll waste less and spend less all while bulking up! To find even more tips on shopping in bulk, visit 

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