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60-Second Weekend: Beyond Jazz Fest Take Two

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Despite flash flood warnings and the Fairgrounds not looking to dry up until next year’s Fest, there’s still reason to celebrate. Music is everywhere, from the Bayou to Tchoupitoulas, and so much so that it’s almost impossible not to end up at one fest or another over the next few days. So whether you’re down to drop some dough, or are looking for a free ride, we’ve got your weekend:


Honey Island Swamp Band (1 a.m.) — Ok, you’re right, this show is technically on Friday, because it STARTS at 1 a.m., but in the name of ‘fest after dark’, the night will just be getting started. This local group came together in San Francisco after evacuating during Katrina. Since then, the five-piece outfit has released albums that mix swamp pop, rock and blues — all sprinkled with a heaping helping of mandolin. They’re probably playing 39,274 other times over the next few days, but the Blue Nile show is always a reliable time to catch them while they’re in town.

FRIDAY, 5/3:

Augusten Burroughs (6 p.m.) — We take a break from this musical broadcast to show some respect to a man that had undoubtedly the craziest childhood of them all, and now sits pretty on the New York Times Bestseller list. As Drake would say, "Started from the bottom now we here." "Running With Scissors" famed Augusten Burroughs heads to Octavia Books Friday night to sign his new work This is How. On a side note, who knew his middle name was Xon? #parents…


FEUFOLLET + RORY DANGER & the DANGER DANGERS: A Space Odyssey (10 p.m.) — Just when you thought Festival International was over, Lafayette comes to New Orleans in the form of Feufollet. Cajun+French+glockenspiel is just the beginning in terms of describing the contemporary take on this traditional genre of music. This party of five rolls to the Allways Lounge to play with the biggest rockabilly troupe in the game — Rory Danger and the Danger Dangers. Not to out anyone here, but if you’ve heard of Ms. Aurora Nealand (& the Royal Roses, who also holds a regular gig at Mimi’s and Buffa’s, plays with Panorama Jazz Band, Panorama Brass Band, Tom Mcdermett, Helen Gillet… the list goes on), then you actually also know Rory Danger. Described on their Facebook page as musicians of the "out of control" genre, that’s what a Rory Danger show is like. They are the biggest serious jokesters out there, and it sounds good. Of all that’s taking place from the Maple Leaf to Frenchmen Street, this is not to be missed. See you there.

Erykah Badu+Mos Def (9 p.m.) — This is a Jazz Fest by Night performance that stands out from the rest — two HUGE headliners that are NOT playing the actual Fest. Catch the queen of soul and the king of "underground" hip hop for one night only at the Sugar Mill (but only if you’re over 18). Badu has been back in the studio (and collaborating with lounge-crunkers like Bonobo) but will hopefully still hit us with jams from back in the day, if not that exact track itself. And Mos? Who knows what he’ll do (does he even live here?) — one can only hope for some "Ms Fat Booty" and an old Black Star throwback. The only catch is they want you to pay the big bucks ($55), but it’ll be worth it. Mos might stay around here (sometimes), but it’s not every day Badu gets up on stage. 'Preciate it.

Rock N Hops (8 p.m.) — A music festival, at a brewery, that’s also a fundraiser? Sounds either impossible, or that it’s in New Orleans. Rock n Hops is at the NOLA Brewing Company on Tchoup., with two stages hosting Shamarr Allen & The Underdawgs, Andrew Duhon, Liam Catching the Jolly Racket, The Breton Sound, and more up and coming local rockers. Food is on site (and wheels) and provided by the Taceaux Loceaux food truck. Tickets are $25 en avance, and $25 a la porte, but includes #allyoucandrink, long as it’s NOLA beer; 21+ (duh).

SUNDAY, 5/5:

NoizeFest 2013 (12 p.m.) — Eight years strong, this defiant festival returns to the bottom of the Bywater (on Lesseps St.) with a "participation mandatory" rule, throwing dozens of musicians into one backyard (The white Bitch, Noisician Coalition, Helen Gillet) to well, make a bunch of noise. At Noizefest, as long as you’re being experimental, jamming, and causing a ruckus, no one even cares if you sound good doing it! Luckily, these folks do. Oh, and it’s f-r-e-e.