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Along Saint Claude: A Brief History Lesson

Jonathan Traviesa

Over the course of 2013, I interviewed dozens and dozens of folks who live, or once lived, in the neighborhoods along both sides of St. Claude Avenue, roughly from St. Bernard to Poland Avenue. I asked them to share stories of their neighborhoods, what they’re like now, how they’ve changed, and how they feel about those changes. These voices became the makings of this seven-part radio documentary: Along Saint Claude.

Part 2: A Brief History Lesson

Before we lived here, before anyone from Europe or Africa lived here, the geography of this land laid the foundation for everything that came afterwards. In 6 minutes you’ll learn 300 years of Downtown New Orleans’ history!

People in Part 2: Richard Campanella, Victoria Elmwood, Robert Elmwood, Augusta Elmwood, Miss Saint Claude, Kriss Kuttruff, Beth Butler, Peggy Bienville, Keith Weldon Medley.

Music in Part 2: 9th Ward,” Morning 40 Federation; theme music by Greg Schatz.

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Eve Abrams first fell in love with stories listening to her grandmother tell them; it’s been an addiction ever since.