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Did The French Quarter Flood After Katrina? Yes, About Nine Percent Of It

Richard Campanella
A photo taken in the immediate days after Hurricane Katrina shows floodwaters on Canal Street, crossing into the French Quarter.

As NBC announces the 6-month, unpaid suspension of news anchor Brian Williams, controversy over the truth of many of his high-profile reporting trips continues.

While the scandal erupted related to questions about Iraq, in 2003, it has also brought into question Williams’ 2005 reporting in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Among other claims, Williams reported floodwaters around his French Quarter hotel.

It's not often that topography makes headlines, so WWNO News Director Eve Troeh set the record straight on French Quarter flooding with Tulane University Professor of Geography Richard Campanella.

Campanella wrote more about the history of French Quarter flooding, including the immediate days after Katrina, over at Nola.com.