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Ending The Reign Of Burl Cain: An In-Depth Interview

Blake Nelson Boyd
Burl Cain has been warden of Louisiana's Angola prison since 1995. He steps down January 1, following a series of reports on side deals in The Advocate newspaper.

In January, 1995 Burl Cain became warden of the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. In his 20 years on the job, Cain became practically synonymous with the infamous prison plantation, known both for sweeping reforms based in a Christian ministry at the prison, and for frequent controversies over business deals involving inmate labor, goods and services.

January 1, 2016 is Burl Cain's last day leading Angola. He resigned following reports published in The Advocate newspaper by Maya Lau and Gordon Russell detailing a real estate deal with developers close to inmates, and a litany of other side deals.

In a resignation he has called "devastating," Cain referred to more questions from The Advocate. Cain is now subject to several state investigations into his dealings while serving as warden.

The latest work from The Advocate looks at whether Cain can truly take credit for the sweeping reforms he has touted around the nation, as he rose in fame as a public speaker in the corrections field.