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Inside The Arts: Laura Anderson Barbata | Transcommunality

Laura Anderson Barbata: Transcommunality
Courtesy of Newcomb Art Museum of Tulane
Laura Anderson Barbata: Transcommunality

Socially engaged art comes to life in the exhibit Laura Anderson Barbata:Transcommunality, now on view at the recently reopened Newcomb Art Museum of Tulane. The Mexican-born, New York based multidisciplinary artist, embraces cultural diversity on various levels blending political activism, street theater, sculpture and arts education in her projects. We talk with exhibit curator Laura Blereau.

This weekend’s special events with a concert by local Big Chief Shaka Zulu are free, but you’ll need to reserve a ticket by visiting the website:

The exhibit, Laura Anderson Barbata:Transcommunality will be on view at Newcomb Art Museum of Tulane thru October 2nd.

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