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Louisiana Considered: AT&T and Entergy Under Scrutiny For Service Failures During Hurricane Ida, LDH Reports Another Child Has Died Of COVID-19 In Louisiana

Aubry Procell
Tree limbs downed by Hurricane Ida’s winds interrupted utilities in Baton Rouge’s Garden District for days after the storm. August 30, 2021.
  • WWNO/WRKF Lead Coastal Reporter Tegan Wendland presents findings from a joint investigation by NPR and ProPublica into Entergy’s failure to prepare South Louisiana’s power grid for a storm as intense as Hurricane Ida, despite decades of insistence to improve the grid by the City of New Orleans.
  • State Representative Stephanie Hilferty discusses AT&T’s failure to provide explanations for lengthy service outages during Hurricane Ida. AT&T’s consumer-grade wireless service and FirstNet, a communications platform used by first responders to communicate during emergencies, both failed during the storm. Instead of sending corporate executives to a Joint Commerce Committee meeting when their presence was requested, AT&T sent a lobbyist to testify on their behalf.
  • WWNO/WRKF Public Health Reporter Rosemary Westwood reports on rising numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths among children in Louisiana. The state reported the death of another child between ages 12 and 17 yesterday. A total of 16 children under 18 years of age have died of COVID-19 in Louisiana, and half of those deaths occurred within the last three months.
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