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Why most NOLA bus stops don’t have signs; Tulane Summer Lyric Theater kicks off

Performers dance during a production of Little Shop of Horrors during the Summer Lyric Theater’s 2023 season.
Courtesy of Tulane Summer Lyric Theater
Performers dance during a production of Little Shop of Horrors during the Summer Lyric Theater’s 2023 season. 

It can be easy to miss your neighborhood bus stop in New Orleans. That’s because a lot of stops don’t have a sign. More than a year and a half after the city overhauled its bus routes to be more rider-friendly, virtually none of the 2,000 or so stops in the city have new, permanent signage. That’s causing headaches for some riders.

Bobbi-Jeanne Misick, reporter for Verite News, recently looked into the issue.

In the rural South it can be difficult for families to get updates on loved ones who are in prison or jail. That's true when someone is hurt — or even dies — while in custody.

As the Gulf States Newsroom's Kat Stromquist reports, an effort is underway to help give families more information about what happens behind bars.

Musical theater is alive and well in uptown New Orleans as the Summer Lyric Theatre at Tulane University gears up for its 57th season.

Leonard Raybon, artistic director, joins Louisiana Considered with all the details.

More information on Summer Lyric Theatre’s 57th season is available here.


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