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Louisiana Eats: Katrina - A Long Look Back

On August 29th, 2005 Hurricane Katrina and the resulting levee failures changed everything for many Louisiana residents. This week, we hear stories about the hurricane's aftermath from individuals within the city's food industry.

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We discover the countless obstacles faced by Vance Vaucresson before the storm and after, as he labored to reopen his multigenerational sausage business. We also learn the story of the former Natco Food Service facility in Uptown, as Natco proprietors Anne Babin and John Lalla dealt with vandalism, martial law, and mounds of spoiled meat before the company regained its footing. Insurance adjusters didn’t believe the century-old Domino Sugar Refinery in St. Bernard Parish could be salvaged but dedicated employees had the place up and running again in just a few weeks.

But first, we revisit inspirational conversations about the gifts of Katrina from the one and only Leah Chase.

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