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Cemeteries, Specters & Poltergeists

Cemeteries, Specters & Poltergeists
Reggie Morris
Host Poppy Tooker with Courtyard Brewery Owner Scott Wood and GM Rebekah Cianci

Halloween is upon us and there's something spooky in the air! On this week's show, we have some very special treats (and no tricks – we promise!). We begin with Sally Asher, owner and operator of Red Sash Tours. On Halloweens past, Sally has taken us on special tours of St. Louis Cemetery No. 3. This year, we tour two different New Orleans graveyards in search of our dearly departed restaurateurs, barflies, and forgotten food luminaries.

Then, we drop by Courtyard Brewery, a New Orleans neighborhood haunt that's also patronized by poltergeists. After several years on Erato Street, the popular brewery found a new home just around the corner at 1160 Camp Street, formerly the site of an old funeral home. Before the brewery could move in, lots of work needed to be done – work that found owner Scott Wood and operations manager Rebekah Cianci coming into contact with all sorts of scary spirits.

Finally, we speak with our resident medium, Debbie Duvall, who put host Poppy Tooker in touch with Tujague’s famous cross-dressing ghost, ⁠Julian Eltinge. But not before Julian gave her the fright of her life!

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