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Lights! Camera! Music! The Art & Craft Of Marrying Film & Music

Music Inside Out

From the earliest days of motion pictures, music has played a crucial role in setting the mood for movies. Just take a look at the clip (above) of the final moments of Charlie Chaplin’s 1936 film “Modern Times.”

It’s hard to imagine that scene without the song “Smile.”

Today we’re exploring the soundtracks of some of our favorite films, with a special nod to films set in Louisiana. And we’re pleased to welcome three wonderful guests to help us with our exploration. And what’s great is that they have three very distinct points of view when it comes to the music that we hear at the movies.

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Gwen Thompkins is a New Orleans native, NPR veteran and host of WWNO's Music Inside Out, where she brings to bear the knowledge and experience she amassed as senior editor of Weekend Edition, an East Africa correspondent, the holder of Nieman and Watson Fellowships, and as a longtime student of music from around the world.