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CONTINUUM: Old Dances, Old Recordings

On this program Continuum presents recordings by two very early "early music ensembles", the New York Pro Musica, under the direction of founder Noah Greenberg, and the New York Renaissance Band, under the direction of founder Sally Logemann.These ensembles present early dance music by Michael Praetorius (c.1571-1621) and Tylman Susato (c.1500-c.1561-4). Heard are excerpts from Praetorius' compositions of dances known as "Terpsichore", named after the Muse of the Dance. Recordings used are: Praetoriius - Susato (New York Pro Musica) Universal EMD 80565 and Praetorius - Excerpts from Terpsichorie (New York Renaissance Band) Arabesque Z6531.