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CONTINUUM: Two Cs - Ciconia and Cordiforme


This Continuum presents music by the 15th century French composer, Johannes Ciconia. Beside composing music he was also a music theorist of the late Middle Ages. He was born in Liège, but worked most of his adult life in Italy, particularly in the service of the papal chapel(s) and at Padua cathedral. The Chansonnier Cordiforme dates from the 1470s and is a heart-shaped manuscript containing 43 songs of Dufay, Binchois, Ockeghem, Busnoys and others including several unica. Recordings used are: Johannes Ciconia Opera Omnia (Diabolus in Musica & La Morra) - Ricercar RIC 316 and Le Chansonnier Cordiforme (The Consort of Music) - Decca 480 1819.