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Sarah Lohman

  • In our increasingly fast-paced world, traditional foods and foodways often have trouble competing with speed and convenience. But never fear. All over the planet there are people working to save the superior flavor, nutrition, and cultural significance of heritage foods. On this week's show, we introduce you to some of our greatest heritage food warriors. Guests include Sarah Lohman, Casey Corn. and members of Slow Food USA.
  • As we creep closer to October 31, Louisiana Eats is getting into the spooky spirit with our annual Halloween episode. This year, we've cooked up some pretty delicious and unsettling tales for you! Guests include culinary historian Sarah Lohman, who travels back in time to share the earliest food traditions surrounding death, and bartenders Kelsey Ramage and Erin Hayes, who discuss their Halloween-themed pop-up bar experience called Black Lagoon.
  • The origins of food and spirits are usually not well known and can sometimes be hard to track down. After all, how do you figure out where something…
  • On this week's show, we're celebrating the 4th of July holiday by savoring the remarkable diversity that shapes America's food culture. In her latest…