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A video on the Facebook page for nonprofit anti-abortion organization Louisiana Right to Life starts with a pregnant Black woman receiving an ultrasound. The viewer hears, “Here I come world!” before seeing a newborn Black baby girl. The video shows a time-lapse of the girl as she goes from toddler to student to working adult before heading back into a medical facility where a doctor says, “Let’s begin the procedure.” The graphic of a beeping heart monitor appears on screen. The beeping stops. “Life offers endless possibilities. Abortion offers none,” can be seen and heard. “Another Black baby dead,” is implied.

Center for Reproductive Rights

Alex Fabrizio Sumpter is a mother of two children, and she’d already endured two miscarriages when she went for the first ultrasound of her latest pregnancy over the summer.

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Louisiana native Judge Amy Coney Barrett is poised to deliver a long-sought, solidified conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court that could set the court’s trajectory for decades.

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The news of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death hit Michelle Erenberg as if it were a death in her own family.


The 2020 Democratic platform is 91 pages. Its section on reproductive rights — less than a page.

But that one page represents the culmination of the party’s shift from luke warm on abortion access to full-throated support of the full range of reproductive rights over the last decade.