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Everything's Bigger in Texas

Jun 17, 2020
Christopher Scott
Kathie Tam

Alyssa Ladd attempts to be the "best Christian" at her Evangelical summer camp.
Chris Gorman adopts a dog that's been marked "unwanted."
At 12 years old, Robert Holguin infiltrates a NASA press conference. 
Christopher Scott's life is changed forever when he answers a friend’s call for help.

The Ogden Museum of Southern Art is among several arts venues reopening following temporary closure due to the pandemic.  We talk with executive director William Pittman Andrews.

Harry Shearer
Harry Shearer / Harry Shearer

On this edition of Le Show Harry discusses the pandemic and our government’s response to it with expert John M. Barry, an adjunct faculty member at Tulane University’s School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Plus, The Apologies of the Week, updates on the Confederate flag and great music.

Original Pinettes Brass Band
American Routes

This sounds like a typical Sunday afternoon in the Crescent City, before sheltering at home, with the sound of a brass band setting the tempo in Armstrong Park. But on this day, there’s a difference. It’s the Original Pinettes Brass Band, New Orleans’ only female brass band. The Pinettes have been around for well over twenty five years, blazing a hard fought musical trail to put women musicians front and center in a tradition once lead only by men.

Voicing Tough Truths

Jun 8, 2020
Nimisha Ladva
Bob Sweeney

David Litt channels his alter ego, "Lips," while working as a presidential speechwriter. Nimisha Ladva sees the subtle ways her mother defies the patriarchal structure of her extended family. Alexis Barton learns nothing good happens after midnight. Sharon Salzberg's meditation teacher encourages her to use her voice and past experience to help others