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Harry Shearer
Harry Shearer / Harry Shearer

It’s a brand new decade and Harry Shearer’s got a brand new episode of Le Show. There’s News of the Godly, News of the Warm, News of the Olympic Movement, The Apologies of the Week, The Appresidentice, News of Microplastics, News of the Atom, and more.

This week on The Reading Life: We roll into Carnival season with Robin Roberts and Leslie Wade, who, along with Frank de Caro, are the authors of “Downtown Mardi Gras: New Carnival Practices in Post-Katrina New Orleans.”

Sony Animation

Alice Dewey was a successful Production Stage Manager on the first National Tour of the original stage production of "Les Miserables" in 1990 when her future husband urged her to move to Los Angeles. She did, and discovered quickly that LA is not a big theatre town. But, it is a big movie town, and animation was making a resurgence as Disney reissued its existing product and was on the hunt for new features. Today, Alice Dewey Goldstone works as a Producer at Sony Animation, and she shares her contribution to the work of art with us.

Ophira Eisenberg
Christian Weber

Phil Caputo - Journalist gives details of being a rookie reporter and then a seasoned war correspondent. 

Ophira Eisenberg - A little girl gets The Barbie Dream house after a terrible car wreck. 

Tricia Rose Burt - A Southern overachiever attempts to loosen up in a drawing class.

Carlos Kotkin - An undesirable poodle named Coco is reluctantly rescued from an animal shelter.  

Jimmy C. Newman
American Routes

Jimmy C. Newman grew up in French Louisiana, hearing Cajun music as well as Gene Autry and other country musicians. He began playing with Chuck Guillory’s Rhythm Boys. Later he played on the Louisiana Hayride, and in 1956, he joined the Grand Ole Opry. Even with commercial success as a country music star, Newman recalled his roots, introducing a wider audience to Cajun sounds. After his passing in 2014, producer and musician Joel Savoy teamed up with Jimmy’s son Gary Newman, to record a tribute, Farewell, Alligator Man, released on Valcour Records in 2017.  Here’s Gary.  

This week on Inside the Arts, as we say goodbye to 2019, in New Orleans krewes are gearing up for another season of revelry with an eye on 12th Night celebrations! The Phunny Phorty Phellows are preparing to usher in Carnival. Krewe captain Peggy Scott Laborde stops by for a chat about what this satirical group is planning for their 2020 St. Charles streetcar ride.

And, the Krewe of Joan of Arc is preparing to walk the French Quarter with a medieval-themed parade celebrating the saint's 12th Night birthday! Krewe co-captain Antoinette de Alteriis will join us in our studio.

This week on The Reading Life: We look back on an extraordinary literary year in Louisiana, highlighting such great books as "We Cast a Shadow," by Maurice Carlos Ruffin; "Solitary," by Albert Woodfox with Leslie George; "The Yellow House," Sarah Broom's National Book Award winner; "All This Could Be Yours," by Jami Attenberg; "The Revisioners," by Margaret Wilkerson Sexton; and many others. We'll also look back at the best visitors, festivals, and we will honor the writers we lost this year.

Harry Shearer
Harry Shearer / Harry Shearer

This week on Le Show Harry Shearer brings us the second part of his 2019 Year in Rebuke. Harry looks back at big headlines and overlooked news stories with original sketches like Clintonsomething, The Appresidentice and Nixon in Heaven and original music that skewers President Trump, Jeffery Epstein and more.

Stars Of The Sugar Bowl: Pepper Rodgers

Dec 27, 2019
The Historic New Orleans Collection

The 86th annual Sugar Bowl arrives at the Superdome on New Year’s Day, and by the end of that game, one athlete will be named Most Valuable Player. Back in 1954, Pepper Rodgers was that player. He earned the title while playing quarterback for Georgia Tech. Rodgers went on to enjoy many moments in the limelight. In this edition of NOLA Life Stories, Rodgers shares memories from a life well-lived on and off the field.


New Orleans New Years
American Routes

At American Routes, we’re getting ready for a New Year coming, with live homegrown music: jazz, soul, blues, Cajun and funk recorded in the streets at the annual French Quarter Festival. We’ve got Rebirth Brass Band, Little Freddie King, Leroy Jones, John Cleary, Charmaine Neville, the New Orleans Nightcrawlers, and pianist Ellis Marsalis, patriarch of the Marsalis family.