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Photo by Zack Smith Photography, Courtesy of French Quarter Festivals, Inc.

French Quarter Festival and Satchmo SummerFest are both officially off this year because of the coronavirus, organizer French Quarter Festivals Inc. announced Thursday.

Conversation with Jessie Haynes, managing director of The Helis Foundation.

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Harry Shearer
Harry Shearer / Harry Shearer

On this edition of Le Show Harry brings us News of the Olympic Movement, What the Frack?, News of Smart Houses, News of the Godly, Let Us Try, The Land of 15,000 Princes, The Apologies of the Week, original music, commercial parody and more.        

American Routes Shortcuts: Sounds of Solace

May 1, 2020
Elvis at Home
American Routes

It’s a new edition of our Corona “Stay at Home Companion” with sounds of solace and uplift to see us through solitude and the unknown.

Nick Spitzer: This is American Routes with our Corona Stay at Home Companion Volume 2: Sounds of Solace, beginning with some sacred styles that move us to action, be it hanging together while apart or recalling the spirit. Here with a listen in to a  “Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting” from Watts in Los Angeles, as played by Charles Mingus and ensemble 1960.

Skin Tight Genes

Apr 27, 2020
Carmen Rita Wong
Deborah Martin

Mike Birbiglia works to get healthy and mitigate his bad genes.

Carmen Rita Wong uncovers the complicated layers of her family's past.

Beth Bucher makes a hard decision to protect her health.

When applying for a green card, Paul Nurse discovers a family secret.