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American Routes Shortcuts: John Prine

Apr 17, 2020
John Prine
American Routes

On April 7, 2020, John Prine, one of America’s greatest songmakers and singers passed away in Nashville from the coronavirus. John was a good friend to American Routes, and our thoughts are with his wife Fiona and family, and all those with Oh Boy Records. We had hoped to interview John in the months prior to the virus. It didn’t happen, but this program from 2006 is one of ours and our listeners’ all time favorites.



Wedding Jitters and Kindergarten Battle Prep

Apr 13, 2020

Lauren Slater sees her boyfriend in a different light after a basement fire.

Colin Channer is a kid in Jamaica with a deep love for comic books.

Aubrey Edwards has her creativity nourished by two grandmothers. 

Chris Gilbert is prepared to fight for his kindergartner.

Harry Shearer
Harry Shearer / Harry Shearer

On this edition of Le Show Harry brings us News of the Atom, Dominion, News of Superbugs, News of Smart Houses, News of Inspector’s General, The Appresidentice, News of the Warm, The Apologies of the Week, plus great music.      

American Routes Shortcuts: Spring Awakening

Apr 10, 2020
New Orleans Mural
Ranna Zahra McSwain

It’s a Spring Awakening, and we’ve got songs about bunny hops, rockin’ robins, and fragrant flowers but also lonely hours, gospel prayers and sad losses. In hopes that the real and surreal can commingle with joy and hope in our Corona Global Companion for your consideration and pleasure.



The Preservation Resource Center is offering online workshops, classes and discussions about our city's historic architecture.  We talk with PRC executive director Danielle Del Sol.