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The controversial pastor of Life Tabernacle Church, whose defiance of a statewide ban on large public gatherings garnered national media attention, was arrested today on aggravated assault charges stemming from an encounter with a man protesting in front of his Central, Louisiana church.

By Ally Kadlubar and Paul Braun

Louisiana’s first drive-through coronavirus testing clinic is now open at Baton Rouge General’s Mid-City Campus, as of 1 p.m. Monday.

On Saturday, some voters in East Baton Rouge Parish will vote on whether to form a new City of St. George. But opponents say it could worsen racial disparities.
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On the ballot for parts of East Baton Rouge Parish, there’s a measure to create a new city: The City of St. George. It’s the first step to carving out a new school district, separate from East Baton Rouge Parish Schools.

Supporters say St. George will allow more local control over taxes and improve education.

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Louisiana is building a new cybersecurity center in Baton Rouge.

The newly named Louisiana Cyber Coordination Center, or LC3, has a few goals. It will support existing cyber missions at military sites like Fort Polk. It will also be used to help train members of the Louisiana National Guard, as well as to help defend governments and companies against a growing number of cyber attacks.

The murder of a well-known African American activist in Baton Rouge left many in the capital city stunned. Sadie Roberts-Joseph was best known for founding the city’s African American history museum. Her funeral Monday capped more than a week of public mourning.

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A suspect has been arrested in the killing of Sadie Roberts-Joseph, prominent civil rights activist and founder of the African American history museum in Baton Rouge.

Satellite image of Tropical Storm Barry, when it was still Potential Tropical Cyclone 2.

Last Update 5:00 p.m., July 11, 2019

The latest forecasts have Tropical Storm Barry making landfall no longer as a hurricane, but as a tropical storm, just west of Morgan City, on Saturday. However, forecasters say the storm could still grow to hurricane force as it approaches the coast.

The main concern is still rain. Most of the New Orleans area can expect 10-15 inches of rain, but some areas could get up to 20 inches. Areas near Morgan City and Houma are predicted to get the worst of the deluge -- 20 to 25 inches.

Baton Rouge Clinic Pilots New HIV Treatment Model

Jan 16, 2019
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When you're diagnosed with HIV, it can feel like your fate has been written. You have questions, such as whether you’ll live, how much treatment will cost and whether people will still love you.

James "Chicken Scratch" Johnson
American Routes

Guitarist James “Chicken Scratch” Johnson grew up near Baton Rouge in Erwinville. When he was in elementary school, guitarist Albert Collins played a concert there. In that moment Johnson knew what he wanted to do. Years later, James joined with harmonica player Slim Harpo on beloved songs like “Raining in My Heart” and “Scratch My Back.” Nick Spitzer spoke with James Johnson the night before the 2016 Baton Rouge Blues Festival about playing with Slim Harpo and growing up in the country.

Bring Your Own Presents: Don't Piss In The Wind

Nov 21, 2016
Alejandro Salazar doing recovery work in Baton Rouge after the flooding of summer, 2016.
Alejandro Salazar

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