American Routes Shortcuts: Piano on a Truck

Dec 18, 2020
Jacques Ferland and Josh Paxton
American Routes

This year, because of the pandemic, musicians and their audiences have needed to find new ways to share music. For some it’s been drive-in concerts or streaming sessions online. In New Orleans, we caught up with a concert on wheels, known as the Piano on a Truck, which in fact, it is! This evening, the man at the 88s was Cincinnati native and now New Orleans pianist Josh Paxton.



Aubri Juhasz / WWNO

COVID-19 cases reported by New Orleans public schools were down this week, but not by much. The district reported 76 active cases across 39 schools compared to 80 active cases the week before.

Aubri Juhasz / WWNO

WWNO’s Education Desk wants to collect stories from New Orleans teachers.* Tell us what you’ve learned this year and how it’s influenced the way you teach. Your answers could appear on-air or online.

NOLA Public Schools reported 80 active cases of COVID-19 Thursday, two cases less than the week before. The number of people in quarantine was also down from 839 to 712.

Aubri Juhasz / WWNO

After college students were sent home in March and graduation ceremonies were canceled, Dinah Cador and her friends made a pact. If they returned to campus in the fall, they’d do everything in their power to prevent the spread of the virus. If they held to it — and if their classmates did, too — maybe they’d get to walk at their own graduation.