Whether you’re doing scholarly research or just want to indulge in an afternoon of history, here in the Crescent City, there’s no better place for that than the Historic New Orleans Collection. When forced to close their galleries earlier this year, the nonprofit jumped into action making extensive changes and additions to their online offerings to help us all stay entertained and informed – even while quarantined.

Ian McNulty

When Ramona Young hands the carton of seafood stew over the takeout window at Queen’s Cuisine, it’s hard to believe such a generous feast of shrimp and crab and sausage and spice can even fit through the small frame.

Louisiana Eats: Last Call

Sep 19, 2020

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on businesses of all stripes, none more than the hospitality industry. In that struggling sector, there is one category seemingly without hope – the New Orleans neighborhood bar. These watering holes, where for generations people have gathered to celebrate and mourn, are on the brink of extinction. Since the initial shutdown in March, most Orleans Parish bars were only allowed to operate for a brief and very confusing time between June 13th and midnight on July 12th.

If you've ever had a New Orleans Po-Boy then you know it's all about the bread...  Real New Orleans French bread is something you can't just get anywhere, or at least that's what we thought.  We decided it was time to get down to the dough of it and see what is happening with bread in New Orleans

Ian McNulty

Each week, there’s news of more well known New Orleans restaurants reopening, from Dooky Chase’s to Commander’s Palace. And each time you can practically hear New Orleans food lovers cheering them on. It’s natural. We root for our own, and we support them through the slow summers here and rally for them when some calamity strikes.

But as the drumbeat of reopenings continue and the dangers of the coronavirus crisis stretch on, we have to remember how different this struggle is from all the others, and what’s at stake.