Ian McNulty

K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen made enormous contributions to the restaurant world. Perhaps now, even after it has served it last blackened fish, it can add one more to the list.

Until 2020, to every bartender, bar owner, distiller and cocktailian, the third week of July meant Tales of the Cocktail — the annual, international gathering that has dominated the beverage industry scene for the past 16 years. This year's Tales, planned as a virtual, online event, has been postponed until late September. But don’t worry. This week’s Louisiana Eats is guaranteed to satisfy your Tales itch.

Tasting the Nation with Padma Lakshmi

Jul 17, 2020

If you only know Padma Lakshmi from her role as host of Top Chef, get ready for a fascinating chat with a big thinker who really wants to help us understand the real value of the food we love, and the stories of the invisible people behind it. We talk about her series Taste the Nation on Hulu, we get into what really thrills her about what she eats, her theory on the relationship between Mexican and Indian food, parenting bicultural kids, and the food writers she admires most.

Red beans and rice at Dunbar's Creole Cuisine in New Orleans.
Ian McNulty

I looked into the pot of Monday red beans simmering on my stove and felt a twinge of envy. There they were, hundreds of them, all clustered together. The beans had more company than I’ve seen in weeks. Maybe it’s silly to envy your own supper, but I miss the closeness of a New Orleans crowd.

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A New Orleans institution is closing. K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen was a temple of Cajun cooking, but after COVID closures and restrictions, it won't reopen. Ian McNulty is on the line with me. He covers New Orleans dining and food culture. Good morning.