Cafe Reconcile

New Orleans, LA –

Restaurant kitchen staff have to be on task to produce great dishes, and there's a discipline to following even basic house recipes. In the dining room, the social interactions come fast and furious, from greeting and serving customers to working with colleagues and managers.

New Orleans, LA – Good cookbooks typically provide alluring food photography, plus tidbits of information that reveal some insight about a recipe.

New Orleans, LA – As proprietor of a local wine shop, Jon Smith has experience with the fruit of the vine. But lately he has been spending a good bit of his time with many other types of fruit -- plus vegetables, seafood and the occasional bag of kettle corn.

The Avenue Pub

New Orleans, LA – Musicians are usually the ones praised for their ability to improv in this town, but lately local chefs and restaurant people have been showing remarkable flexibility when the tune of their career changes.

New Orleans – Ian McNulty discusses the abundance of Latin food markets in the New Orleans are.