Melanie Dunea during her trip to the Middle East in 2015. 

Ian McNulty

Here’s one thing you can rely on in New Orleans: The result of a Saints game sways the mood of this town. Here’s another: On Monday, people are eating red beans and rice. This Saints season, I decided to join the two together.

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Ian McNulty

I was in a Kenner restaurant that had clearly once been a Pizza Hut but now is called Little Chinatown. I was eating lamb stir-fried with leeks and chile peppers, and sipping iced tea. From my booth, the window framed a view just across the parking lot of Shishkabob House, where only the day before I’d had a lunch of hummus and shawarma.

Ian McNulty

This one goes out to all the hungry New Orleans expats out there, and especially the ones back in town for the holidays. You know who you are.

Raquel Pelzel has long been a terrific recipe developer in her own right. Now, she has a new book called Umami Bomb, a mostly vegetarian cookbook that, I swear, my daughter picked up and asked me to read to her at bed time last night. But for you, Raquel’s got more than bedtime stories; she’s got great ideas for how to set a holiday table that works for carnivores, vegans, and everyone in-between. She joined me in the studio with some very fragrant samples.

A Holiday Jubilee

Dec 20, 2019

We're getting ready for the holidays with Toni Tipton-Martin, author of Jubilee: Recipes from Two Generations of African American Cooking; she talks about the historical and religious importance of African American foodways in the U.S.

Ian McNulty

Want to know what makes New Orleans such a great food town? Look down at your plate, then look in the mirror.

Questlove is not only a well-known musician and dee-jay, he is also an epic foodie and gracious host of Food Salon events at his home. As a writer and thinker of food, he also knows a lot of people -- chefs, artists, actors, musicians -- who love to cook, eat and share stories about feeding people. Questlove's new book, Mixtape Potluck, includes many recipes from these friends.