How to cook with farro

Apr 24, 2020

Question: What is farro? Where can I buy it?

Recipe: Farro & Italian Greens Stuffing

Farro is an ancient strain of wheat; in fact, it's one of the three "mother" wheats from which all other wheats have come. It is used in northern and central Italy and in other parts of the Mediterranean.

Ian McNulty

It’s a good thing New Orleans prides itself on devotion to local restaurants. And it’s a good thing our restaurant people have proven so tough and adaptable. That’s about all we have left now to get the restaurants we love through the coronavirus fight.

Postcards From A Pandemic

Apr 18, 2020

On this week's show, we learn how the restaurant sector is coping with COVID-19 around the state and beyond. We begin with the story of business partners Emery Whalen and Chef Brian Landry. After the coronavirus shuttered their company, QED Hospitality, the duo were able to change gears to keep employees on the payroll and meet a growing need in healthcare.

One of the last cookbooks I grabbed from the office before the ‘stay at home’ order went into effect was Lola Milne’s Take One Can: 80 Delicious Meals from the Cupboard. It’s a darling little book, but what struck me was the fact that very few cookbooks these days actually celebrate the can, and the timing for this one couldn’t have been more apropos!