The Holocaust memorial in Berlin.
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There are a lot of subjects that are tough to teach, but one of the most difficult is the Holocaust. It’s an important historical event, but one that can be scary for students to hear about, and hard to understand. With a recent rise in hate crimes, activists say now especially, the history of the Holocaust and antisemitism is important for students to learn.

Echoes and Reflections creates middle and high school curriculum on the Holocaust. WWNO's education reporter Jess Clark attended their recent training at the National World War II Museum. Here are five ways to improve instruction.

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The Wonderful World of Ricky Riccardi

Perhaps one of the most awe-inspiring facts about Ricky Riccardi, who directs research collections at the Louis Armstrong House Museum Collection in Queens, is that he never argued with his parents. Not once. “Why would I fight with these people?” he reportedly told his wife, Margaret, on their first date.

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Tomorrow (Friday,) Mayor LaToya Cantrell plans to formally apologize for something that happened 128 years ago. In 1891, the city’s popular police chief was murdered, and the Italian-American community was blamed. Over a dozen Italian Americans were put on trial, but eventually found not guilty.

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Every email, text message, or letter tells a story. But what about the stamps that we put on those letters? The Crescent City Stamp Club is drawing upon the city's storied past to show how stamps and other postal ephemera speak volumes about our culture. This weekend, stamp collectors, or philatelists, will descend on New Orleans for the NolaPEX Stamp and Postcard Show. Postal historian Doug Weisz joins NolaVie's Brian Friedman in the studio to give us a preview of the event.

Welcome to The Tricentennial Reading List. Today, Susan Larson continues her look at 300 great New Orleans books, in part five of her conversation with professor emeritus of history at Tulane University, Larry Powell.