hurricane laura

Tegan Wendland / WWNO

The state has spent more than $50 million to house evacuees after Hurricanes Delta and Laura, but thousands remain without long-term housing as officials phase out the hotel shelter program set up as a COVID-19 alternative to big congregate shelters.

Hurricane Delta is strengthening as it moves across the Gulf of Mexico. It is moving northwest with maximum sustained winds near 115 mph, making it a category 3 hurricane.

Hurricane Delta is expected to make landfall Friday afternoon or Friday night, according to the National Hurricane Center.
National Hurricane Center

Hurricane Delta continues to strengthen in the Gulf of Mexico and will likely make landfall in Southwest Louisiana “Friday afternoon or Friday night,” according to the most recent forecast update from the National Hurricane Center (NHC).

Brad Bowie / Courtesy of The Current

Starsky Thibodeaux slots another pallet onto the forklift, signaling a thumbs-up for the driver to lift. Standing overhead on the green metal scaffolding, two men in black shirts and hats await to load and strap in six more moving can lights, sending them back to the warehouse floor. It’s pretty standard stuff for the Lafayette-based professional stage crew; only today, these lights aren’t destined for any big stage or audience to spotlight. Rather, Thibodeaux and his crew are on hand to help a fellow live event company, Deep South Productions of Lake Charles, safely relocate gear after its warehouse roof was shredded by Hurricane Laura a month ago.


School administrators were optimistic that a quick pivot to online learning could rescue the start of the school year in Southwest Louisiana, where Hurricane Laura hit late last month. Now, the region’s largest district has announced that virtual learning will be optional, citing a lack of internet access.