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This week on The Reading Life: Photographer Robert Brantley, author of “Sacred Ground: Cemeteries of New Orleans.” And John Warner Smith, Louisiana’s new poet laureate and author of "Muhammad’s Mountain," "Spirits of the Gods," "A Mandala of Hands," and Soul Be a Witness," with a new collection, "Our Shut Eyes: New and Selected Poems on Race in America," due out later this year.

This week on The Reading Life: Susan talks with Louisiana State University history professors Nancy Isenberg and Andrew Burstein, authors of "The Problem of Democracy: The Presidents Adams Confront the Cult of Personality.”

This week, Susan talks with New Orleans writer Samantha Downing, author of the chilling new thriller, “My Lovely Wife,” the story of a married couple who spice up their love life with serial killing. And we hear from University of New Orleans Creative Writing Workshop graduate Bryan Washington, author of the brilliant new short story collection, “Lot.” Both will be in attendance at the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival March 27-31.