New Orleans artists

Olivia Motley

Think about your favorite children’s book. Now, was the main character an animal or a human? Most likely, it was an animal, as animal protagonists have been a staple of the children’s literary canon for centuries. To help us think through why we often prefer furry friends at any age, NolaVie’s Kelley Crawford spoke with Olivia Motley, author of the new children’s book Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans.


Nicole Young

New Orleans is a place where when you ask someone what they do, you don’t get a single answer. While other places may call these endeavors a side hustle, many people feel that it’s not so much a side hustle as it is an interesting way to live. For NolaVie’s new series Side Hustles, Kelley Crawford invited Nicole Young into the studio to talk about how she took the plunge into full-time creative work.



Marco Castelli

Meryl Murman is a choreographer and filmmaker who made the bold decision to combine her disciplines into one art form. She creates dance films that explore improvisation and performance in places like New Orleans and Ukraine. Kelley Crawford invited Meryl into the studio for the latest installment in NolaVie’s ongoing series, Conversations With Artists.


NOLA Mural Project / Nola Vie

Based simply on output, New Orleans is clearly a fertile ground for artists. But how welcoming and nurturing is New Orleans to all kinds of art, specifically street art? NolaVie’s Brian Friedman sat down with Neal Morris, founder of the NOLA Mural Project, to try and answer that question.

Miriam Lilje

Co-working spaces are beginning to pop up all over the city, but few are tailor-made for artists. Atelier Mimi is a gallery and co-working space dedicated to promoting creative cross-pollination. In this installment of NolaVie’s occasional series, Conversations with Artists, Kelley Crawford invited founder and visual artist Miriam Lilje into the studio to talk about how she conceptualizes space in art and life.


Lucky Art Fair / NolaVie

In a city so culturally invested in creativity, New Orleans artists are often faced with a lack of financial investment in their creations. That was part of the impetus behind the Lucky Art Fair, a showcase for underrepresented artists that made its debut earlier this year. NolaVie’s David Benedetto invited co-founders Rosalie Smith and Regina Parkinson into the studio to hear about the project.

The Helis Foundation

New Orleans is getting a lot more colorful lately. Local and national artists are turning blank brick and concrete walls into massive outdoor artworks, including five new murals that were recently unveiled on downtown buildings. NolaVie’s Renée Peck speaks to Arts Council Director Heidi Schmalbach about new movements in public art and how it can transform the local community.

Art As Responsibility: Willie Birch's Oral History

Aug 16, 2019
The Historic New Orleans Collection

Willie Birch was fortunate enough to find not one, but two life callings at a young age. Coming up in New Orleans during the civil rights movement, he discovered his artistic talent just as he was finding a place for himself in the struggle. In this edition of NOLA Life Stories, Mr. Birch discusses the many roles he's played in his life — from activist, to service member, to influential artist.

Kelley Crawford

As part of the grand opening of their new exhibition center, the Historic New Orleans Collection is hosting a series of informal gallery talks called “Stoop Stories.” NolaVie’s Kelley Crawford joins artist James Michalopoulos on the stoop to talk about his expressionistic New Orleans-centered artwork.

Culturalyst: A Startup For Local Artists

Feb 8, 2019
Infrogmation of New Orleans

Artists in New Orleans often face a unique challenge: living in a city that worships the arts but doesn’t always provide resources to support their quality of life. Culturalyst, a new start-up that focuses on bolstering the artist community, seeks to change that. Founders Mykia Smith and Sam Bowler joined NolaVie’s David Benedetto in the studio to introduce Culturalyst. 

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