New Orleans Healing Center

Local Photography Exhibit Turns A Lens On Venice

Dec 20, 2019
Charles Lovell

Venice has often been called a kindred city to New Orleans, with its Carnival traditions and tumultuous relationship with water. As part of PhotoNOLA, an annual celebration of photography, the Second Story Gallery in the Healing Center is hosting an exhibit called Venice: Two Perspectives: Lovell and Skuber. NolaVie’s Brian Friedman catches up with Charles Lovell, one of the exhibit’s featured photographers.

NOLA Designer Costume Bazaar

In New Orleans, having a costume closet is pretty much the norm. It’s that kind of town. NolaVie’s Renée Peck invited costume artist and designer Cree McCree to WWNO to discuss how to build your personal costume collection. Not only is Cree an an expert on vintage clothing, but she also helps organize the annual NOLA Designer Costume Bazaar, a group show of Carnival costume artists that began 28 years ago.

Robert Schaefer

This Saturday is World Cyanotype Day, when photographers everywhere will celebrate an early photographic technique that reveals images in a striking blue hue. New Orleans photographers are having their very own celebration with a workshop at the Healing Center, presented by PhotoNOLA. Kelley Crawford speaks with two of the workshop’s organizers, Jennifer Shaw and Robert Schaefer, to learn more.  

Joan Rivers to host New Orleans comedy show

Jul 23, 2012

When comedian Joan Rivers thought her New York apartment was haunted about 15 years ago, she called on New Orleans voodoo priestess Sallie Ann Glassman to perform a "spiritual cleansing" of the brownstone.

Glassman says the pair became friends during that meeting, at which Glassman wore a flowing white gown and chased off the disturbing spirits in a night of rituals.

Rivers says Glassman's efforts worked.

Next month, the comedian is heading to New Orleans to return the favor.