Notes from New Orleans

Listening To Locals: People Museum

Jan 31, 2020
Thomas McGovern / Nola Vie

People Museum is about half of what its name suggests. This group of alternative pop musicians has been building a reputation at gigs around New Orleans. The band plans to share songs from their new EP, “I Made a Madman out of Me and You,” at a show at One Eyed Jack’s on Friday, January 31. NolaVie’s David Benedetto spoke with band members Claire Givens and Jeremy Phipps as part of the ongoing series, Listening to Locals.

Local Photography Exhibit Turns A Lens On Venice

Dec 20, 2019
Charles Lovell

Venice has often been called a kindred city to New Orleans, with its Carnival traditions and tumultuous relationship with water. As part of PhotoNOLA, an annual celebration of photography, the Second Story Gallery in the Healing Center is hosting an exhibit called Venice: Two Perspectives: Lovell and Skuber. NolaVie’s Brian Friedman catches up with Charles Lovell, one of the exhibit’s featured photographers.

The Feast Of The Seven Fishes Returns To The Ace Hotel

Dec 6, 2019
NolaVie / Wikimedia Commons

As is the case with most holidays, New Orleans has numerous Christmas traditions that set our city apart from others. The Feast of the Seven Fishes is one of them. Josephine Estelle, the restaurant at the Ace Hotel, will be hosting this traditional Italian American dinner next Tuesday, December 10th. NolaVie’s Brian Friedman invited Chef Chris Borges into the studio to learn more about the Feast.

Happy Raptor Distilling

New Orleans abounds in spirits. And nowadays, not all of them are of the ethereal kind. The city will have eight craft distilleries by the end of this year. Happy Raptor is a relative newcomer on the distillery scene. NolaVie’s Renée Peck invites Meagen Moreland Taliancich, co-founder of Happy Raptor, into the studio to hear more about their New Orleans-inspired spirits.

How The Stranger Half Lives: The Weird Homes Tour

Nov 15, 2019
Thanin Viriyaki

New Orleans is known for its unusual architecture, but there are a few houses around the city that are still bound to turn the heads of locals and visitors alike. This Saturday, several of those houses are opening their doors for the third annual Weird Homes Tour. NolaVie’s David Benedetto invited homeowner Sam Malvaney into the studio for a quick preview.

Sepehr Saberian

We talk a lot about musical instruments in New Orleans, so much so that it feels like our music dates back thousands of years. But the santur, a trapezoid-shaped stringed instrument, actually does date back thousands of years. NolaVie’s Kelley Crawford invited Dr. Sepehr Saberian into the studio to discuss and play the santur.

John Pope

Often, movies and TV shows just can’t seem to get New Orleans right. But Garden District, a new TV series written by local playwright Rosary O’Neill, promises to change that. NolaVie’s Renée Peck brings us a preview of the TV show with actress Kelly Lind and producer Jennifer Taylor.

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Lucky Art Fair / NolaVie

In a city so culturally invested in creativity, New Orleans artists are often faced with a lack of financial investment in their creations. That was part of the impetus behind the Lucky Art Fair, a showcase for underrepresented artists that made its debut earlier this year. NolaVie’s David Benedetto invited co-founders Rosalie Smith and Regina Parkinson into the studio to hear about the project.

The Helis Foundation

New Orleans is getting a lot more colorful lately. Local and national artists are turning blank brick and concrete walls into massive outdoor artworks, including five new murals that were recently unveiled on downtown buildings. NolaVie’s Renée Peck speaks to Arts Council Director Heidi Schmalbach about new movements in public art and how it can transform the local community.

John Pope And The Art Of The Obituary

Aug 9, 2019
Chris Granger

John Pope covered several different beats over more than 4 decades at the Times-Picayune. But he’s best-known as the city’s pre-eminent writer of obituaries. In this first installment of a two-part conversation, NolaVie’s Brian Friedman and John Pope discuss life, death, and the art of the obituary.

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