workers rights

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Action continues in New Orleans and Baton Rouge this week with rallies for racial justice, sanitation workers' rights, mutual aid and more. 

One of this week's actions includes a crawfish boil.

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As cities across the nation grapple with their response to mass uprisings following the police killing of George Floyd, advocates and organizers in New Orleans continue to take to the streets this week to demand policy reform.

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Translated by Maria Luisa Rosal. (Leer en inglés)

Las y los expertos en salud y defensoras y defensores de los derechos de las y los trabajadores dicen que no están sorprendidos por los recientes brotes de coronavirus en la industria del crawfish y advierten que el virus continuará propagándose a menos que la industria haga cambios para proteger mejor a las y los trabajadores.

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Sanitation workers gathered at City Hall on Monday to demand an audience with the head of Metro Services Group, the garbage collection firm that employs them.

Ben Depp / National Geographic Society

D’Artanian DeJean is a hopper — the one who jumps off the garbage truck to grab your bin and empty it. It’s not an easy job in the best of times, he said. Heavy loads, low pay, risks of injury without benefits, the kind of job where you hope to work overtime just to earn $400 a week to cover your bills.