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TriPod: New Orleans At 300 — A New Approach To Three Centuries Of New Orleans History


“Tripod” gets a new meaning Thursday, October 1, at 8:30 a.m., when WWNO — New Orleans Public Radio begins broadcasting an innovative radio history of New Orleans during Morning Edition.

Produced by WWNO in collaboration with The Historic New Orleans Collection and the University of New Orleans Midlo Center for New Orleans Studies, “TriPod” will be a weekly series, each segment a micro-documentary devoted to a single story or subject from New Orleans’s rich history.

While it may delve deeper into familiar local tales, “TriPod” will also explore forgotten, neglected, or surprising aspects of the city’s past, and enrich our understanding of its present and future.

Why “TriPod”? “Tri” is for “tricentennial,” and “pod” is for the broadcast/podcast radio program available on 89.9 FM and, where there will also be archived segments, graphics and expanded content, such as suggestions for further reading and exploration.

“TriPod” is produced by WWNO reporter-producer Laine Kaplan-Levenson, with the guidance and expertise of an advisory team of some forty archivists, museum professionals and historians from New Orleans and across the United States, Canada and France.

“‘TriPod’ will take a new approach to the historical documentary,” said WWNO General Manager Paul Maassen, “by presenting our city’s 300-year story in brief features over three years, broadcast during the morning news when the largest audience is ready to listen.”

“We think ‘TriPod’ is an exciting project that will arouse the interest of people far and wide and extend the reach and resources of The Historic New Orleans Collection and the city’s other museums,” added Priscilla Lawrence, executive director of THNOC.

“And we are so pleased that the Midlo Center can bring together the expertise of an international team of scholars to support this distinctive approach to presenting history via popular media,” said Professor Mary Niall Mitchell. “New Orleans fascinates people around the world, but so much of our history is still being discovered and investigated by historians. There are lots of stories that even New Orleanians don’t know.”

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