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Changes to NPR's "Morning Edition"

Csaba Fekete
Flickr/Creative Commons

Starting on Monday, August 13, you may notice some changes to NPR's "Morning Edition." Specifically, the clock is changing.

You may be wondering, "What is the clock?" Well, it's the way the Morning Edition is structured - a template for on-air programming - and it allows member stations the opportunity to program local content - like news, traffic, weather, and underwriting.

The changes are designed to deliver a live and "in-the-moment" experience for listeners, with the show being hosted on-location for big stories, drilling down on key issues with newsmakers, and continuing to spend time in the immersive, sound-rich features that sets public radio apart and that listeners tell us they value deeply.

The most noticeable change will likely be that we’re once again airing national NPR Newscasts at the “bottom” of the hour (on the half hour), rather than offering two slightly shorter Newscasts at the :19 and :42 minute marks. NPR has also slightly lengthened the programming segments that immediately follow the NPR Newscasts, allowing more time to cover the most important stories of the day.

We recognize that many of our listeners time their busy morning routines to NPR programming, and we can’t thank you enough for making us an essential part of how you start your day.

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