Coastal News Roundup: Dead Zone, Flooding, Katrina Settlement Checks

Aug 5, 2017

On this week's installment of the Louisiana coastal roundup, WWNO radio's interim news director, Tegan Wendland, and | The Times-Picayune coastal reporter Mark Schleifstein talk about the largest low-oxygen dead zone in modern history along Louisiana's coast -- nearly 9,000 square miles, or as large as New Jersey.


They also talk about the state's LaSafe program, which attempts to help coastal residents deal with flood and land loss issues, and has been holding public meetings in communities all across the coast to explain what they're doing. 

The pair also discussed the distribution of settlement checks to east bank New Orleans area residents this week, the result of a damage lawsuit filed against the Orleans, East Jefferson and Lake Borgne Basin levee districts about 12 years ago.