Harry Shearer
Harry Shearer / Harry Shearer

This week on Le Show Harry brings us News of the Olympic Movement, The New Iraq, News of the Warm, Dominion, The Appresidentice, News of Microplastics, The Apologies of the Week, plus music by David Crosby, Fountains of Wayne, Jon Cleary and more.

George Ingmire / The Reading Life

This week on the Reading Life: Susan talks with Minrose Gwin, whose most recent novel is “The Accidentals.” We’ll also hear from Kate Lacour, whose odd and beautiful new art book is “Vivisectionary: A Convocation of Biological Art.”

Terpsichore was the Greek Muse of the Dance. The name also refers to a collection of Renaissance dances collected by the 17th century Michael Praetorius. This Continuum presents a recording of some of these dances performed by the Capriccio Stravagante Renaissance Orchestra of Paris under the direction of New Orleanean Skip Sempe, The recording used is Terpsichore, Paradizo PA0011.

Music Inside Out: Spencer Bohren

Aug 16, 2019

Singer-songwriter Spencer Bohren (1950-2019) was raised in Casper, Wyoming, in the long, quiet lead up to where the Great Plains end and the Rocky Mountains begin. Hot springs and waterfalls in the region signal strong underground forces at work. Geologists say the area will look vastly different in the eons to come. But right now the land is moving as land usually does, imperceptibly, under the feet of people who’d swear there was nothing going on.

Art As Responsibility: Willie Birch's Oral History

Aug 16, 2019
The Historic New Orleans Collection

Willie Birch was fortunate enough to find not one, but two life callings at a young age. Coming up in New Orleans during the civil rights movement, he discovered his artistic talent just as he was finding a place for himself in the struggle. In this edition of NOLA Life Stories, Mr. Birch discusses the many roles he's played in his life — from activist, to service member, to influential artist.

John Pope And The Art Of The Obituary, Part II

Aug 16, 2019

John Pope has built a reputation in New Orleans by writing about local luminaries and unsung heroes after their deaths. In this second and final installment of NolaVie’s profile of New Orleans’ pre-eminent obituary writer, Brian Friedman and John Pope discuss the life lessons that can be gleaned from writing about the dearly departed. 

American Routes Shortcuts: The Coen Brothers

Aug 16, 2019
The Coen Brothers
American Routes

Words like “quirky,” “ironic,” “funny,” and “violent” describe the films of the Coen Brothers. From their first film Blood Simple in 1984 to True Grit in 2010, and then Inside Llewyn Davis and 2018s Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Joel and Ethan Coen have defied expectations, twisted genres, and reworked classic story lines around characters, like the Dude.

Ian McNulty

I would like to address a false rumor circulating in the news. Multiple sources are claiming that summer is almost over. For evidence, they present back-to-school stories and ads full of men’s sweaters and ladies’ boots. They even track the countdown to Labor Day weekend, as if that settles it.

But in Louisiana we know better.


Even though Barry didn’t turn out to be as bad as many people feared, it still caused damage in several Louisiana parishes. Now, the state of Louisiana is asking the federal government to help pay for the costs of preparing for the storm and post-storm cleanup.

Reporter Jessica Williams of Times-Picayune|The New Orleans Advocate traces the entire school career of a recent graduate who struggled to count a handful of change.
Wikimedia Commons

New Orleans’ public schools have undergone a lot of change over the last 15 years. But while test scores and graduation rates are up, many New Orleans schools have fallen short when it comes to special education.