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The 1A Record Club, Gen Z, and the resurgence of jazz (Rebroadcast)

A street performer plays the saxophone in New York City.
A street performer plays the saxophone in New York City.

When you hear the word jazz, what sounds come to mind? 

Maybe it’s the sweet and savory notes from a saxophone, played by the likes of the legendary John Coltrane. Or the authoritative trumpets of pioneers like Miles Davis and Freddie Hubbard. Maybe it’sthe sweet vocals of Ella Fitzgerald or the plinking of the ivories by Robert Glasper or Thelonious Monk.

No matter what comes to mind, the soulful genre, born in New Orleans about 100 years ago, has always been popular

In recent years, young jazz artists like Samara JoyandLaufeyare finding a loyal audience in Gen Z, while carrying forward the genre’s rich tradition to critical acclaim. 

 The 1A Record Club explores how teens and young adults are falling in love with the nostalgic sounds of jazz and what the future of the genre holds. 

Check out our 1A Record Club jazz playlist to discover some of the artists discussed in this hour.

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Lauren Hamilton, Michael Falero

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