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Brookings Rates Louisiana's 'Advanced Industries'

The New Orleans area ranks number 66 among large metro areas when it comes to tech sector hiring. That's one of the findings in a new Brookings Institution study released today about America's "Advanced Industries."

The study focuses on 50 industries that Brookings says are prime movers of prosperity in the US — AKA the  “advanced industries.” That includes everything from automotive and aerospace manufacturing to oil and gas extraction, computer software, and biomedical research. Basically, any Industry that makes an economy more competitive by spurring innovation, creating wealth and paying workers better.

Scott Andes is a senior analyst at Brookings who focuses on technology policy, and one of the authors of the report.  He says New Orleans has a number of areas that are strong — mostly jobs in architecture and engineering to support the oil and gas industries. 

And he says the region has a few areas where it could use some improvement.

So New Orleans needs to get much better at seeing where they have critical advanced industry opportunities and linking community colleges, industry credentials, other workforce raining programs to those industries.

Advanced industries in New Orleans account for 7.4 percent of all jobs, and $18 billion in economic output for the region.

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