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Coastal Rundown: The Wetlands Youth Summit

Earlier this month, the Wetlands Youth Summit took place at the South Louisiana Wetlands Discovery Center in Houma, Louisiana. High school students interested in the challenges gulf coast communities are facing came together to learn from each other, and talk solutions.

The #ListeningCoast teamed up with the summit to see what these teenagers are most concerned with, and whether or not they see themselves living on the coast later on down the road.

Here’s what people wrote in via text:

What's the biggest environmental concern where you live?

-Coastal Erosion


-Hurricane flooding / wind damage

-Fecal matter in Bayou Terrebonne

-Trash in the bayou

-Disappearing land


Do you think you'll stay living on the coast as an adult? Why/Why Not?

-Yes, because i grew up here and i enjoy living here.

-I should've been born in England.

-I hope so...I want to contribute to our culture, but land loss is a factor. Job opportunities will decline if land loss and emigration increases.

-Yes because I love it here and it's my home.

-Yes, but on high ground.

-No; Personally, I want to target another audience in my field of work as a future cardiac surgeon.

-Yes because this is where I grew up and I love it. I wouldn't want to live anywheres else.

-Perhaps. Depending how having a job as a biologist works out.

-Sea Level Rise.

-Yes because my family is from here. I don't think I'll ever want to leave this culture.

-Yea because i've been here all my life and its all I know.

-No, because I'd like to experience life in different locations.

-Probably not depending on where I can receive a good paying job.

-Yes because I love living down the bayou and I don't want to stop living here.

-I would like to, depends on whether or not it is feasible with flooding/ land loss.

The #ListeningCoast has its own number: Text "hello" to 985-200-2433, or call and leave a voicemail to get in on coastal conversations. And hit them up on twitter at @lp_nola with the #listeningcoasthashtag to share what topics and events you want explored next!

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